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I’m starting to get excited now. My wonderful husband turned on the Orioles game and it’s a perfect Sunday activity. The Orioles are winning today, fortunately with a large enough lead that Chicago’s solo homers still leave them two runs behind (5-3).

I called the Hall of Fame again just to make sure I really, really don’t need tickets to the induction ceremony. The security guy told me that fans can start setting up on Saturday afternoon. We can mark our place, just like at Pops in the Park. The field, they promise, is big enough, plenty big enough for all the fans. The big day at the Hall of Fame will be Monday, and we’ll be gone, so that’s that.

Here’s my list: I need to take my Orioles books to be signed by Brooks (BROOKS!!!), Earl and Cal. I need Cal’s book and a copy for my brother. I need the blanket to leave on the field. I need a large cardboard sign that reads “Do not move. I grew upĀ at 3603 Yolando Road. I loved Cal before you knew who he was.” I need markers to write the sign. An umbrella, in case it rains. Rain jacket. Cameras and tripods.

Weather report has the highs currently in the low 70s. I’m going to be cold.

Oh my god. This is going to ROCK!!!

Need timetables too!


I wanted to start this blog ages ago, but you know how that goes. In just two short weeks, my husband and I will be heading to Cooperstown to see Cal Ripken inducted into the Hall of Fame! Does that rock or what!! What’s even more, is that we’ll have a vacation in Montreal and the Adirondacks.

I have 20 pounds to lose by July 28. Just in case I get to have my picture taken beside Cal Ripken. Not likely I know. And right now, I’m craving Thai leftovers, so I may just have to purchase an emergency wardrobe in black. It’s slimming.

March 2023