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There are some things so wonderful that even if you have them on your “Life List” they still seem too fantastical to ever happen. For example, one day I hope to have dinner with all the past and present Orioles. I haven’t completely figured out how such an event might come to pass, but I do know that it will be an occasion honoring me as an Orioles fan and one that the attendees will feel honored and privileged to have been invited.

Today I experienced another incredible event. Last night, a chance moment in which we left the television unattended instead of our usual habit of fast-forwarding through commercials, my husband and I heard the news that Barak Obama was coming to UNC Charlotte, TODAY! This was remarkable on several accounts:
1) I am a student at UNCC, so I have free parking on campus.
2) Monday nights, I have class. This is the point in the semester when exams are administered. Last week I had an exam in my Tuesday night class and the exam in my Monday class isn’t until next week, leaving me free to cut to experience this historical moment.
3) I had the day off for reasons I choose to not disclose in a public forum that could later be used to incriminate me, allowing me the freedom to spend the entire day on campus ensuring a parking space and a place in line early enough for a reasonably good view of the podium.

Being there for Obama’s rally twenty-four hours before the election felt surreal, like one of those incredible things that a person is seldom lucky enough to experience. A part of history was made tonight, and I was there, watching Obama in person. Two and a half hours into the waiting, the skies opened up, unleashing pouring, driving rain onto twenty thousand tightly packed, but eager and happy voters. We weren’t allowed to bring in umbrellas (though some managed to smuggle them in) but none of us cared much how hard it rained, we didn’t care how soaked through we were, all that mattered was that we were there to see Obama in person.

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