Today’s one and only activity, besides eating, consisted of a hike around Lower Lake Hadlock. We intended to hike both the upper and lower Hadlock, but somehow wore ourselves out after our leisurely pace around just the one. It’s the slowest hike we’ve taken since I can remember.

The trail is lined with a variety of wild mushrooms of all colors and shapes that captured our attention and diverted us from our normal purposeful stride. Kneeling in the wet soil and contorting ourselves at different angles to find the right lighting and framing for our camera, our hike became about enjoying the scenery instead of achieving a certain mileage. Imagine!

By some odd twist of fate, the rest of our day has been spent relaxing. Even my husband thinks the weather is cold and encouraged me to turn on the heat in the hotel room! Fear the end. It is nigh!

If you are interested in pictures of mushrooms, there are plenty to be found here.