Happy Sunday morning to you! It’s a glorious Sunday here. This is exactly how I should have felt yesterday morning except that the Orioles like to punish their fans for their loyalty. I’ve considered writing an actual letter to the Orioles organization about this one, not like the fake letter I made for Andy MacPhail. (My husband read the letter and I had to explain it was a joke. He asked, “What if someone sends it?” I said, “That would be funny!” I hate it when I have to explain humor to British people.) There’s no crying in baseball, but I was so disappointed, I actually cried. No one makes me cry and gets away with it.

I wasn’t actually buying Red Sox gear yesterday. I’m mad but I’m not selling my soul. We were out hunting for an RV. Choosing an RV is almost as overwhelming as remodeling a bathroom–a plan we completely gave up on six months ago. I suppose if you’re not an environmentalist, it wouldn’t be difficult to choose an RV, but trying to find something that we can live in for a month at a time, yet won’t drain oil supplies or cost a fortune in gas to tow (not to mention the associated guilt) is a challenge. Oh, and then there’s price too.

So we’re off today to an RV show to see if an RV that has it “all” (I’ve grown to hate that word) for our needs exists in the market.

Have a lovely Sunday!