Maybe hackneyed but can’t resist anyway…
Camelback 3 liter, deigned for women: $79
Breakfast of two delicious buttermilk pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee to give you energy to hike the Kaibab: $ 8
Kicking the Kaibab’s ass on my 40th birthday: PRICELESS!

Kaibab you are my friend. Let us call a truce.There’s no denying I emerged victorious. I’m not saying it was easy, you put up a good fight, especially after our apple break at the water fountain, when my legs felt like cement and the thin air felt like breathing through a coffee stirer. We did it though, hiking up 2100 feet and three miles in 2.5 hours. I won’t mention the numerous hikers who hiked from the other rim, many of whom were at least 20 years our senior, who passed us. Not just slowly lumbering past, but compared to our pace, running. No matter, our nemesis was the trail and those hikers were probably doping anyway. One swichback at a time, that’s all we needed to do.

Stuart is the real trooper. Hiking 2000 plus feet into the belly of the Canyon wasn’t his idea of how to spend a day, but he went along with my wishes anyway. He took it all good-naturedly and never once stopped speaking to me. Hell, a few times, I wanted to stop speaking to myself. I mean, what kind of a nut, spends her birthday on the Kaibab by choice? Odd as it may sound, hiking in the Grand Canyon on my birthday has always been a dream of mine, so this ws an unforgettable day.

After the Kaibab we went to Point Imperial for an even more incredible view of the area facing north. And since there was still time, back to the lodge to watch the sunset. What a perfect way to spend a birthday!

Now we’re driving back to the hotel (about an hour drive) where we’ll get dinner, and I will get cake! The restaurant has delicious food, probably the best we’ll have the whole trip.

I can’t forget to mention that my mom called to wish me a happy birthday as we were walking to the lodge for the sunset. It was such a gift to get her call, especially since I tried to call her earlier and there was no signal. Technology brings us so many gifts.

Before bed I’ll open my cards, as usual delaying gratification so that I can savor every minute of this precious life. I hope I get 40 more years to enjoy it and that the people I love do too, because where’s the joy without them?